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Home of the World's Finest Satin Bedding  - Pure Silk, Lusious Lingerie Satin, Elegant Sonoma Satin,  Seamless Sierra Satin, Super Slick Acetate Satin, Sensual Sierra Satin Bedding. Super Soft Velvets and coordinated Lingerie.

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Elegant Moments Lingerie ~ Rhinestone Jewelry ~ Fancy Dresses ~ 100's of New High Heels ~ Shirley of Hollywood ~ Fantastic Costumes for anytime fun ~ NEW Sensational Daisy Corsets

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Sensual Bedding, Lingerie, Sexy Shoes, Satin Evening Gowns

Lingerie Bustier of Stretch Satin and Lace Coordinated Lingerie and Satin Sheets of Lucious Lingerie Satin Super Sexy High Heels make the finishing touch.
Dazzling Collections of Sensual Satin Bedding, Lovely Lingerie, Satin Evening gowns, plus a huge array of Sexy high heels !

More choices of Satins, Pure Silks, and soft Velvets - Each order hand-made in our own shop.

Now - In Stock - Ready Made - Lingerie Satin Sheet Sets in (10) fantastic colors. All of the popular sizes for mattresses up to 14 inches deep with room to spare. No one makes them like this!


New Arrivals

Shirley of Hollywood EL-SOH-20563 Chiffon & Lace Babydoll
Added: 12-19-2014
Shirley of Hollywood EL-SOH-20562 Charmeuse & Lace Chemise
Added: 12-11-2014
Shirley of Hollywood EL-SOH-20565, Charmeuse & Lace Chemise
Added: 12-08-2014
SKU: 760299259106
SKU: 760299258949
SKU: 760299259182

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Elegant Moments EM-9423, Japanese Parasol Allure Lingerie AL-17-1007, Vinyl Dress. Allure Lingerie IS-AL-11-407, Rhinestone Trimmed Leather Corset, Size M
SKU: 846073045988
SKU: 883045803344
SKU: AL-11-40712
Allure Lingerie IS-AL-11-7041R, Soft Touch Vinyl La Bella Corset. Be Wicked BW1434C "Sassy Maryo" Includes dress, hat and mustache Be Wicked BW1435C "Sexy Miss Linqui" Includes dress, hat and mustache
SKU: IS-AL-11-7041Ra
SKU: 812272071301
SKU: 812272071349
Be Wicked BW1411, "Hot Stuff" 4 piece Costume Be Wicked BW1419C, 4 Piece Costume "Nile Princess" Be Wicked BW1422C, 2 Piece Costume "Fly Me Pilot"
SKU: 812272067304
SKU: 812272070526
SKU: 812272071004
Be Wicked BW1423C, 3 Piece Costume "Mile High Hostess" Be Wicked BW1425C, 4 Piece Costume "Fairytale Princess" Be Wicked BW1427C, 5 Piece Costume "Ruby the Warrior"
SKU: 812272071028
SKU: 812272071080
SKU: 812272071127
Be Wicked BW1431C, 2 Piece "Sexy Ivy" Be Wicked BW839, 2-Piece set Sexy Racer Costume. Be Wicked BW846, 4-Piece set Red Hot Devil Costume.
SKU: 812272071264
SKU: 812272010713
SKU: 812272010850

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IS-SB-LS-LONGROBE, Classic Long Robe of Lingerie Satin, Unisex IS-Men's Pajama of Lingerie Satin, Style #2060
SKU: LS-2060-INSTOCK-R0312

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